With the action month Europe May, Munich sets a sign for Europe. This year, emstory offers with the event “With LOVE from EUROPE” everyone the opportunity to creatively design digital greeting cards and storytelling – about you, your city, together with friends in other cities in Europe. Join us and create a short video message about the city you are passionate about in four steps with the emstory app. You can also invite friends to contribute to the story with photos, voice or videos. That’s because the emstory app allows you to quickly and easily stitch together individual images and short film sequences and create, preserve and share them together with others in real time. This year, the winners can look forward to attractive prizes from artists with European roots, such as books and audio books by the authors Ingibjörg Hjartardottir (Iceland), Gábor Görgey (Hungary), Tania Rupel Tera (Bulgaria) and a city tour with the Munich Stadtvogel.

Be there and send us your emstory “With LOVE from EUROPE”.

Here and at www.europa-mai.de you can download the app for free and take part in the competition.

All emstories created by the participants will be posted at with-love-from-europe.de, directly from the app. This page will also be used by the judges to evaluate contributions.

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